digital graffiti wall photo booth St. Louis

Graffiti Sticker Photo Booth

Our Graffiti Sticker Pho­to ­Booth is a fun, scaled-down version of our Dig­i­tal Graf­fiti Wall. For this booth, once done taking your photo, all edits are done on the touch screen, within the booth, by you and your guests. Once done editing, your creation is printed on our high-quality, photo sticker paper & instantly becomes a unique souvenir from your event that can be stuck virtually anywhere!

Fish Eye Photo booth

Fish­eye pho­to ­booth puts a new twist on a clas­sic pho­to­ booth. We uti­lize a giant ring flash and a fish­eye lens. If you are not sure what a fish­eye pho­to ­booth does, let us explain it to you. A fish­eye lens dis­torts the pic­ture, some peo­ple might refer to it as a bub­ble lens. The fish­eye pho­to ­booth is an open setup and your guests will be guided by a pho­to ­booth oper­a­tor. With the fish­eye pho­to ­booth, the expe­ri­ence works best when your guests get close to the lens, real close. This gives the pic­ture that clas­sic fish­eye look. If you are look­ing for a group pho­to ­booth pic­ture, no prob­lem! Just back away from the lens a lit­tle, and let the wide angle cap­ture every­one! One the pho­to­ booth takes your photo, let out oper­a­tor add some fil­ters, and boom, you all done. Your 4“x6” photo is printed on site and you are good to go.

fish eye photo booth in St. Louis
open air photo booth in St. Louis

Open Air Photo Booth

Our St. Louis open air pho­to ­booths offer a dif­fer­ent approach to the com­mon enclosed pho­to­ booths. The open air pho­to­ booth oper­ates the same as the enclosed pho­to ­booth, but it’s open! Peo­ple can enjoy watch­ing all the action. The open air pho­to ­booth can accom­pany more peo­ple per photo and it gives the atten­dant more con­trol over the pho­to ­booth cam­era, if needed. It can also be more invit­ing for peo­ple or are reluc­tant to join in on the pho­to ­booth fun. There are a vari­ety of back­grounds to choose from and the open air pho­to ­booth will still uti­lize props. Many of the details and upgrade options included in the enclosed pho­to ­booth remain the same for the open air photo booth.

Enclosed Photo booth

The enclosed pho­to ­booth in St. Louis comes in a few dif­fer­ent sizes. We have a 5’x5’ enclosed pho­to ­both, a 6.6′ x 6.6′ enclosed pho­to­ booth, and an 8’x8’ enclosed pho­to­ booth. The exte­rior of all the pho­to­ booth enclo­sures are black. The out­side walls of the pho­to ­booths range from a vinyl to vel­vet. Inside you will find a photo tower hous­ing a Canon DSLR cam­era and a touch screen. The pho­to ­booth gives you the option to leave a video mes­sage or take a series of pho­tos. The pho­to­ booth also has the abil­ity to print 4“x6” pho­tos or 2“x6” photo strips. You also have the choice to choose from Black & White, Color, or Sepia pho­tos. Our pho­to­ booths are very cus­tomiz­able. If you are look­ing for some­thing in par­tic­u­lar, just ask!

enclosed photo booth in St. Louis


Each Rental Includes

Two On-site Atten­dants

Themed Props

Cus­tom Logo and Photo Lay­outs

 4×6 Print Outs

Unlim­ited Ses­sions

Online Photo Gallery


Green Screen Photo Booth

Video Booth Pro­jec­tor (for live view slide show)

Photo Fold­ers

Custom Packages

Custom Packages Available

We can tailor any package or photo booth for any event.

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